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Secondary school Srečko Kosovel is a state school located close to the centre of Sežana. It was founded in 1975 and has two organisational units: grammar school (which prepares students for the matura exam) and economic technical school (which prepares students for the vocational matura). Our curriculum consists of the following programmes: grammar school, economic grammar school, matura course, secondary school of economics and arranging (including window dressing, flower arranging) and vocational education 3+2. The programs are attended by 580 students in 22 classes taught by 50 teachers. Some of the students are from Sežana and the nearby villages but a number of them commute daily from directions Nova Gorica, Ajdovščina, Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica and Kozina.

The classrooms are modern and well–equipped. The school library has about 16,000 units. The sports hall is only 50m away from the main building. Lessons are held from 8 am to 2 pm.

All students study at least two foreign languages. The first foreign language of all the students is English. The second foreign language of the school of economics is Italian, while the grammar school students can choose between Italian, German and French.

The school offers several extra-curricular activities (the so called “Alter Srečko”) that are held after the lessons. This gives our students the opportunity to develop their special talents and skills.

They can take part in Art workshops (oil painting, printing, graffiti, mosaic), creating and publishing the school paper “Rumena podmornica” (‘Yellow submarine’), drama classes, photo courses, language courses and some others.

Sports weeks play a significant part in students’ lives. Students not only do different sports but also build up better bonds with their schoolmates. They are encouraged to try scuba diving, sailing, archery, kayaking, mountaineering, cycling and skiing.

We believe that it is essential for teenagers to broaden their minds, so they are taken to art exhibitions, theatre performances and trips and excursions. First year students go on a day trip to Italy. Second year students spend a couple of days in Great Britain where they see the most important sights in London with some museums and galleries. They also visit Klagenfurt and the surrounding area. In the third year students usually look forward to the excursion to Greece, the cradle of European civilisation, whereas for the last year students a two-day trip to Vienna is organised. Every other year students who learn Italian as their second foreign language improve their knowledge by visiting an Italian region.

Economic technical school students gain additional knowledge by visiting Slovenian companies and other economic institutions. They also put their knowledge into practice in practice firms, they create advertisements and organise fairs. In this way they can test what they have learnt at a higher level. Those students who seek challenge can do research and compete with their peers from all Slovenian regions. We should not forget the competitions in Slovene, Maths, Logics, English, Italian, German, History and Biology that also bring good results, as well as some international projects our students and their mentors were involved in.

Doris Furlan, Sandra Grmek


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